You've just experienced one of scariest things in the world for an Amazon Seller

Take 3 deep breaths. Don't worry you've come to the right place. We're here to help.

Who Are We?

We certainly wouldn't trust just anyone with a task as important as this and we don't expect you to either.

That's why we'd like to take a moment to introduce ourselves.

We're the founders of Hometown Industries and the creators of Hometown Industries Coaching. 

We're veteran Amazon sellers and professionals with over six years of experience navigating the pitfalls of Seller Central.

We've helped countless clients recover disabled and suspended Amazon accounts and listings, and we can do the same for you!

Don't just take our word for it though. See what our clients have to say about it.


    "We never thought it would happen to us… We were deactivated on Amazon. It was devastating because we had some really nice momentum going, and couldn’t stand to lose out on sales while being down. That’s where Hometown Industries came in. They helped us get back up and going in under 3 days! This is HUGE because without them it may have been 3 weeks, thanks to Hometown Industries. They gave us a roadmap to help make sure this NEVER happens again. They helped us pinpoint the issues and take care of them before we reactivated. We’ve been rolling again ever since!"
    - Max Nihart (CEO of Docs Auto Parts)
    "I am so happy I hired Hometown Industries to help with my Amazon account. I was trying to manage my own account and drop ship for about two months before I emailed them. I had been in contact with them months prior and I finally bit the bullet. I am overjoyed with how easy they have made this process. Prime/FBA sounded scary, but they made it the easiest switch. Their communication is superb and they are always looking at how to improve the account."
    - Kristin Waters (CEO of Tiger Butter Co)

    What Happens Next

    • 1

      Fill out our intake form.

      Please provide all of the information we ask for in our intake form. Give us as much additional information and context about the account or listing suspension as you can in the last section of the form. The more we know the more easily and quickly we can help you.
    • 2

      We will respond promptly with our plan of attack.

      We have yet to have a case submitted that wasn't in our area of expertise, but our team is thorough and will review the details of your account or listing suspension before confirming we can help.
    • 3

      With your approval, we will get straight to work on creating your Amazon appeal.

      We'll immediately begin drafting the appeal you will need to send to Amazon. Based on the kind of problem(s) your account or listing is being flagged for our team knows the criteria and actionable steps Amazon is expecting and looking to see in your appeal letter.
    • 4

      Do your best to relax while we work on getting your account back up and running.

      Okay fine, as Amazon sellers ourselves we know this last step will be near impossible for you, and you will likely be stressed out until the moment we get your account back up and running. But all the same, do your best. We're experts in this space, and your business is in good hands with us.
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    The total cost is $500

    This is a one time fee and once paid, includes unlimited revisions to the appeal until Amazon reinstates the account or listing that is suspended.

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